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Julie Lost in Contemplation. Julie must decide which is more important: to work for a better world, or to take the money and run!
Her good friend Louie has no doubt about which is the right thing to do. Louie Saying: 'Take the Money.'
Meanwhile, the court room turns deathly silent as Mark, the man Julie has been appointed to defend, rises to speak in his own defense one more time.
Mark swinging his arms and legs like a cat on a hot tin roof."Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, if I may have a few words!" Mark shouts,
Abstract creature tripping, falling, leaping. "No doubt, you have already heard about this thing we call the treadmill, the merry go round, the daily grind. I'm here to tell you that these things Abstract creature tilting this way and that on rotating disk.are more than an interesting turn of phrase.

Judge Barnes patiently frowning, playing with his hands. "You see, I myself have had the unhappy privilege of dying and coming back to life many times." Mark went on to explain, "Many times. More than I can count!"
Mark was just beginning to describe how he is the only person on the planet who does NOT disappear the moment the executioner pulls the switch, when....

Man in audience swinging a rope over his head and shouting 'Let's string him up!'
And once again, Mark is taken out and executed. This time he is killed on the courthouse lawn by an angry mob instead of in the execution chamber by prison officials.

But it makes no real difference. As soon as his feet leave the ground, Mark is sitting inside the courthouse again, as though he never left his chair.
Julie looking lost. And once again, Julie must make her painful choice. "On your feet, Mark!"she whispers, "The Jury's coming in!"

Now see if you can find a BETTER ENDING to the story!